What is diabetes?

Increase in glucose level in blood is diabetes. The reason for this state can be absence of insulin or inadequate functioning of insulin. Insulin is produced by insulin cells in pancreas. These cells can be absent by birth, can be wiped out by diseases or can be weakened due to many reasons. Glucose is the potent provider of energy for the body. We get glucose from cereals (carbs), milk products, fruit etc. Glucose is a must for all cells in the body. For absorption of glucose in the cells it requires insulin. In absence of insulin the level of glucose in blood increases, thus diabetes starts. Symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, thirst, hunger, weight loss without any obvious reasons.


The cause, symptoms, prognosis and management of diabetes were described in ancient texts thousands of years ago. Ayurveda identifies diabetes as MADHUMEHA.
Ayurveda also identifies a type of diabetes known as apathyanimittaja- that tends to occur later in life due to over indulgence in food and sweets and a lack of physical activity. This description goes well with our medical understanding of type 2 diabetes. According to Ayurveda, diabetes can occur due to imbalance in vata, pitta and kapha. Diabetes due to vatha is incurable, due to pitta is difficult to cure and due to kapha is completely curable. Fortunately the common type of diabetes is kapha triggered and can be cured with proper medication and life style changes.