A 100% genuine herbal medicine for diabetes. Achieves result in less than a month's time.

A unique combination of herbal medicines which acts on every facet of diabetic complications and ensure better health for diabetic persons.

Reduces KAPHA, Controls Blood Sugar, protects PANCREAS, helps reduce DIABETIC SIDE EFFECTS.

Contains time tested medicinal herbs like haldi, amla, methi, vijayasar, wild cumin etc...

Dosage: Mix one tablespoon (10 gm) Mehamuktha choornam with lukewarm water twice daily, morning on empty stomach and night before going to bed.

Considerable decrease in sugar levels can be observed after continuous usage of one month. Once the levels are under control you can reduce the use of allopathic drugs and eventually discontinue the same after consulting your physician.


Mehamuktha choornam is our patent product which is made from best quality herbs which we gather from authentic sources. No artificial colour, flavour or preservative is added. Ours is a GMP certified company in Kerala established in 1977. MEHAMUKTHA CHOORNAM has benefitted many patients all over India and abroad. Hope this pure herbal medicine will be helpful to you as well.