Dosage: Mix one tablespoon (10 gm) Mehamuktha choornam with lukewarm water twice daily, morning on empty stomach and night before going to bed.

Considerable decrease in sugar levels can be observed after continuous usage of one month. Once the levels are under control you can reduce the use of allopathic drugs and eventually discontinue the same after consulting your physician.

Patients being treated with insulin or tablets should continue the same along with Mehamuktha Choornam.


After regular usage of Mehamuktha Choornam, check the fasting blood sugar. If the levels are reduced considerably, after consultation with your doctor you can reduce the dosage of insulin or tablets. When the levels are normal one can discontinue other medication while having a periodic monitoring of blood sugar levels. Once sugar level is stable reduce the dosage of Mehamuktha Choornam to half. All the while Diet control is necessary. You can eventually stop using Mehamuktha Choornam also.